This sure is the nice thing for all adsense publishers.

Google Adsense Preview Tool will display sample Google ads, based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering. Unlike the Official Adsense Preview Tool add-on that works only with IE browser, this online Adsense Preview Tool works across all web browsers including IE, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

and the owner(Digital Inspiration) wrote :

Unlike the official Google Adsense Preview tool which is only available as an IE add-on, the Adsense Sandbox works across all browsers and supports all Google ad formats including Adlinks and Rich Media Google Ads (Images, Video or Flash).

The tool can also help you determine what kind of Google Ads are being served on your web pages for visitors who are coming from other countries like China, Brazil or Japan.

Since the Adsense Sandbox tool uses random Adsense Publisher IDs, advertisers are not charged by Google for ad impressions or ad-clicks generated though this tool.

Links :
Adsense Sandbox 1.0
Digital Inpiration

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Yup..that’s right. Now you can attach up to 20MB from your Gmail’s mail. But i wonder why just 20MB?? Can Google upgrade it to 50 or 100MB?? For me, 20MB is still not enuf la…

Source :

Gmail Doubles Maximum Attachment Size to 20 MB
Gmail Help Center

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My home in Kg. Lohan, Ranau, Sabah. Hu….just my parent live in the house.
Click to enlarge the image.

Ada Cinta.mp3

Ada Cinta – Acha S. & Irwansyah

Ucapkanlah kasih..
Satu kata yang kunantikan
Sebab ku tak mampu membaca matamu
Mendengar bisikmu

Nyanyikanlah kasih..
Senandung kata hatimu
Sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
Sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

Mengapa berat ungkapkan cinta
Padahal ia ada
Dalam rinai hujan, dalam terang bulan
Juga dalam sedu sedan

Mengapa sulit mengaku cinta
Padahal yang terasa
Dalam rindu dendam, hening malam
Cinta.. terasa ada…

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From boring pictures like this one below :

to this effect movie type photo like this :

Link : How to turn your photo into movie-like effect using Photoshop?

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MU lost to Chelsea in the final FA Cup..(eh..lost or lose a..haha lupa). This was the most bored final game i ever watched. Sh*t oh!!! Why the hell they didn’t attack from the first minutes of the game. It’s not worth losing if they are not making any shooting chances. I’m very mad coz….they didn’t perform very well. Just like the game vs Milan. You can see they’re losing from the beginning of the game.
Hope SAF will get more player in next season…..i want more midfield player!!!!!

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image by prodigaldog

How to improve our night vision in natural ways??? Can it possibly done?? This guy here compile some sort of technics on how to improve our night vision. Can someone test it?? Tell me after that..hehe

Link : Improve your nightvision

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So…let see how big is our sun is. Let’s measure it through images. I’ll post the first picture to show you how big is our Earth.


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Free Graphics Tools

There’s a lot of graphics tools out there. I think i’ve to bookmark it here since i’ll have to use it someday…

  1. POV-Ray
  2. Openfx

  3. Beneton Movie Gif

  4. DrawPlus

  5. Inkscape


  7. 3D Canvas or via

Tell me if you got more great tools……

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Esplanade Singapore


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